Merol gives you great quality at a low price. See the key features.

Touch-screen technology

Touch-Screen Technology

Coffee is never easier than with Merol. Simply touch the single or double-cup icon, and the coffee machine does the rest. It will automatically grind and extract the coffee to your desired taste. When the coffee is finished brewing it will move the used coffee grounds into an internal dump bin for later disposal.

LCD Display

LCD Display

The LCD display makes it easy to make great coffee at the touch of a button. The Cappuccino maker alerts you when to add more beans, water, and when to self-clean—easy!


Adjustable Beverage Volume

Merol provides you with precise customisable control over the coffee volume (liquid) that is dispensed. Adjust your Merol to suit your favourite coffee cup.

Adjustable temperature control

Adjustable Temperature Control

Temperature is vital for a good coffee — especially your coffee. Merol allows you full control to set the coffee between 75-90 degrees — which is considered the perfect range to brew the best tasting coffee.

Pre infusion


Merol knows coffee! For this reason the Merol machine pre-infuses the freshly ground beans for approximately 2 seconds. In this vital step, the freshly ground coffee is moistened, allowing the aromatic oils to leach from the freshly ground beans. The espresso machine then forces hot water through these pre-infused grounds. The result is maximum flavour and a perfect crème topping.

Bypass doser/alternate coffee

Bypass Doser/Alternate Coffee

This is used with you want to use already ground coffee. Imagine that friends come over and they prefer decaf coffee. The alternate doser is a great way to try exotic coffee that you do not drink every day and add one offs like decaffeinated coffee. All still expertly prepared by the Merol espresso machine.

Adjustable coffee spout

Adjustable Coffee Spout

The dispensing spout slides to adjust to your cups height. Whether it's an espresso shot or a mugguccino, you'll get great coffee in your cup without the mess.

Cup heaters

Stainless Steel Cup Warmer

Everyone hates cold coffee! The stylish cup warmer allows you to store & display your coffee cups, and preheat them too! Warm cups ensure a cup of coffee with the correct temperature, flavour, and aroma.

Adjustable conical burr grinder

Adjustable Conical Burr Grinder

Coffee grinds are fundamental to great espresso. You can customise your grind from fine to coarse to accommodate any style of coffee roast: light, medium, or dark.

Customisable auto milk frother

Customisable Auto Milk Frother

The Merol cappuccino machine will automatically produce steamed milk for cappuccinos at the touch of a button. Automatic milk production is programmable via the LCD screen to suit your coffee palate.

Water reservoir

Water Reservoir

The easy-to-use 1.8L removable water reservoir holds enough water for several cups of espressos/coffees at a time. The machine will alert you when the water level is low. The reservoir includes a filter to remove foreign particals for better-tasting coffee.

Bean container

Bean Hopper / Container

The large 250-gram bean hopper capacity means you fill it less frequently.

Internal dump box

Internal Dreg Drawer

An internal dreg drawer stores expired coffee grounds minimising mess. The coffee machine alerts you when the drawer needs emptying. It is easily accessed for cleaning without fuss.