Customer Reviews / Testimonials

“I purchased the Merol machine in June 2011 direct from Merol Australia. I had previously returned three more expensive machines to a retail store. The machine arrived promptly and set-up was easy.

“I constantly change the beans I use and I have never had a single fault. This morning the machine ground the beans, then dumped them. The screen then presented a calibration screen. The owners' manual does not adequately address this, so grumpily I accepted that there would be no coffee and the machine would need to be sent away.

“I logged a job (Saturday) and within 30 minutes I was contacted by phone and walked through the solution within minutes. This is NOT a fault, but a feature of the machine that enables the user to freely change the type of beans used.

“In a world where customer service has certainly slipped, my hat comes off to Merol Australia and its staff for providing an easy to use fully functional product at an amazing price, and excellent customer service to boot. ”

J Sharpe — Currajong QLD

“While researching coffee machines I read your web pages and the testimonials. Whilst I am often a little sceptical about testimonials, I must say, WOW!!! I ordered my machine yesturday, and it arrived at 11am one day later on the Gold Coast. Whithin 15 minutes I was sampling an expresso. Great work to all involved.”

Kevin H. —Sanctuary Cove

“I will never pay for a coffee again!”

Sarah H. —Currumbin, Gold Coast QLD

“Hi Ben, Thanks for all of your assistance over the last week. You were great with all of my questions and I had the girls over for coffee & it was like a sidewalk café without the noisy busses going by... we loved it.”

Gis R. —Glebe, Sydney NSW

“Good service and was blown away by the NEXT DAY DELIVERY! Excellent product. My husband even brings me coffee in bed now. :) Thanks for your efforts guys!

“Uses less beans than I thought, which is good but I am drinking more coffee now (which is good:) Good job Merol.”

Vinh D . —Melbourne, Melbourne Vic

“Just wanted to email you thanks so much. Had the unit for 3 weeks now as a replacement for my Saeco Incanto. It is quieter and makes hotter coffee than my Saeco and I love the auto milk that my last unit didn't have. After paying 2K for my Saeco I am pleasantly surprised with the Merol which was less that half that!!! Think of how many coffee's I can have with the money you guys saved me. Highly recommended. Thanks again.”

Aaron K. —Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast QLD

“I love using it with fresh beans, it couldn't be easier. It was delivered so fast!”

Therese L Coogee —Fremantle WA

“Wow! What a gift! Great job Anil and your team. I purchased this as a gift for a friend, taking a punt it was as the website described. Got it with plenty of time. Great coffee machine, great service and a great gift. Hope someone gets one for me now. Great work again”

Nat D. —Balgowlah, NSW

“I found your web site on Google search and my husband and I thought the saving sounded too good to be true. I called you to ask some questions and the person was very friendly and helpful.

“I ordered from your site the next day in the afternoon and it got delivered the next morning - It was pleasant suprise!

“We have had the unit a few days now and it already has a proud place in my kitchen. It is so easy to use and the coffee is much hotter than my last machine.

“The communication & service I have received were second to none and the item is wonderful and great value for money. I will certainly be telling my friends about you.”

Kathleen F. —Summer Hill NSW

“Cheers. Fast Delivery. Great Coffee.”

Ryan T Hamilton —Newcastle NSW

“This is perfect! Very simple to operate. A coffee machine that does was it says it does. Makes perfect coffee at a press of a button. Delivered the day after I ordered it and the company rang me a few days later to check all was well. Thank you Merol”

Kerry Lantry

“Excellent buy for the money. Recently bought a Merol ME710. Had a little hassle with shipping but only because product was held up in customs. This coffee maker is a excellent product for the money paid, we cannot fault it on the coffee making or steamer. For the money you cannot expect anything else we have looked at coffee maker 5 times the cost and still the outside is made of plastic. After sales customer service is good and I feel confident, if any issues arise in the future that they will be addressed.”

Barbara Schilds

“Remarkable Customer Service. I ordered one of these Coffee machines on line and due to popular demand, the shipment of my machine did not take part as stated on the website. The thing that I found most amazing was that I was rang every week by a customer service officer to update me on the progress of my shipment and apologies for delays. When I did receive my machine it was exactly what I wanted, did exactly what was promised and again I was contacted by a customer service representative to make sure that I was happy and to apologise again for the delay.I was extremely impressed and satisfied with the way that my order was handled and cant express enough the level of high customer service that they provide on making sure you are happy! Well done Merol.. You have a customer for life!”


“An Excellent coffee machine inexpensive, easy to use, reliable. This coffee machine, once set up to your requirements (strength,taste) will make a perfect cup, or 2, every time with the touch of a finger. I believe that for the price this machine will make an equal or better cup of coffee than machines costing 2 to 3 times the price.”

Brian Gillard

“ A gem! Excellent machine brewing really good coffee. This has the spec. of a $1200-1800 machine at a fraction of the price, which I couldn't believe. [name removed] Customer Care extremely helpful and lovely. I think this is a really good product and I have no hesitation in recommending it!”

Rob Horton

“ Have always wanted one. As i have only had the machine for a few days am still learning how to use it by trial & error.It was a birthday gift to my husband.”


“Just what I wanted. I am really happy with the merol coffee machine. Living in regional n.s.w. I buy alot of products on line and I can honestly say I have never received such excellent after sale service . thank you for your service is really impressive and I would not hesitate recommending this machine.”

Debbie kelly

“Great machine, easy to use and makes a great coffee. Also i found that the customer service was exceptional. I was phoned on several occasions to make sure i was up to speed with were the coffee machine was. Thank you for the great experience and will be recommending to anyone i know that is looking for a great and affordable coffee machine.Kind regards”


“Excellent Coffee at a touch of a button. At 1st buying from the net from a company I had never heard of was a big decision. But after talking directly to the person incharge, I had faith this machine would turn up. Then, 2nd was the bargain price of this machine, would it work when we got it? This gave me confidence. Once we received the machine, She followed up with call to make sure we had set it up and could use it. All round, the service and delivery were flawless and even better the coffee is Excellent!”


“ Merol Performance under extreme conditions. This machine makes great coffee and has proven ultra reliable. I accidentally put bulk green tea into the grinder (not recommended) and despite the sticky mess throughout the brew section, 2 cycles in the dishwasher restored everything to A1 working order without resorting to using the free 3 month service that was included with my eBay purchase. Machine has been utterly reliable and trouble free making coffee (not so good on green tea) with 643 cups over the last 9 mths. Best of all it's so easy to use my wife now shares making a brew which she never did with our 2 earlier machines.”


“ Quick and easy. I've used other coffee machines in the past and always spend alot of time grinding the beans, pouring the coffee, frothing the milk and cleaning, etc. My new machine takes a fraction of the time and minimises the usual mess of making coffee. I like to use it when I have friends over because I can make multiple coffees in a short amount of time. I have had it for a couple of weeks. At first I found the coffee a bit bitter, but I have experimented with a couple of different blends of beans and have now found my favourite. The customer support from Merol Asutralia was fantastic. Delivery from Sydney to the Central Coast took one day and I received a follow up call 10 days later from them. What can I say - I am one happy customer! ”


“Fantastic Expresso machine for an unbelievable price. Very economical machine producing excellent expressos & cappuccino's with touchscreen operation. Contacted Merol Australia and received assistance to sort out our issues over the phone. Even though we had purchased the machine elsewhere from Merol Customer service couldn't help us enough even though the issue was operator error.Try and find that service with other items.”


“No hassle no fuss soooooooo easy! Machine is inexpensive, efficient and enjoyable to use. Found Merol very professional and replied quickly to our queries prior to purchase and once received. We had no problems with the instructions and find the machine great and easy to use! It tells you everything via the display screen and beeps when water resevoir and been tank needs filling or when drip try/dreg drawer need emptying. Frothing is adjustable and does take some time to get use too but it is all about experiementing in the beginning to get your coffee just the way you like it. We have double-shots so have found the water resevoir empties very quickly. We use morning and night and have had no problems. ”


“ Saves hours! Automatic coffee making! Ease of use, easy to clean, tastes great and excellent price! I bought this coffee machine on a whim when I was shopping online one day and it's great! It makes excellent coffee and all my girlfriends are very impressed when they come around for a cuppa! The main thing is not having to spend 3 - 4 dollars each time I'd like a decent cup of coffee.”

Glenda Forrest

“I can't start my day without it. Inexpensive, coffee temp is hot, make forthy milk by pressing a button. When our Saeco Incanto died I Googled around and found the Merol machine. My initial thought was that it was too cheap - my Saeco was three times Merol's price tag. We called Merol Australia with a list of questions. We went through them and discussed the milk frother at length — my Saeco didn't have one. My hubby says I am a 'clean freak' so when he asked about cleanliness they sent us a video on how to clean the milk frother — fantastic service. We checked out Harvey Norman and (I) decided we did not want the milk inside the unit because I couldn't see the milk build up etc and was worried about being unhygienic. This is what made us decide to purchase the Merol. We purchased that night online and the machine arrived late afternoon the next day. After 20 minutes we were making cappuccinos — the milk frother makes great foam, but the black picture on the black milk frother is hard to read. Overall the machine is great! It's a little noisier than the Saeco when grinding but makes a hotter shot of coffee which we prefer. Milk frothing is great compared to the Saeco — so much easier to press a button rather than stand in front of the Saeco with a milk jug for 3 minutes.”


“My machine arrived within a few weeks of placing the order. Coffee is hot and nice crema is created on top.”


“Price, Product, Presentation but above all.....good service. In Business we strive to offer great service, a competitive price and an item that does exactly what we say it will do. Merol appears to have achieved this.

“Business coleagues come to my house every morning at 6am where we drink coffee and solve the problems of the world. We haven't figured out how to please our wives, but we are working on it!! My old coffee machine was on it's last legs when I discovered by accident the Merol 710. Initially the price made me think I was looking at an inferior product at 1/4 the cost of any other high end machine, but heh, if it lasted 1/4 of the time I would be no worse off. And it's an Australian company!! So I ordered one on a Wednesday at 10am.

“It arrived at 10am 2 days later, and within 15minutes of setting it up and watching the "you Tube" presentation I was sampling my first coffee. A couple of "tweaks" later, it was to my taste and ready for my coleagues evaluation. with 2 thumbs up, I'm now on my 2nd kilo of beans. Outstanding!!

“I couldn't get the milk hot enough so I sent a quick email to the company on a public holiday, expecting a 2 day response turn-around. Ben from Merol responded that night with a "You tube" reference and a suggestion from his wife. His wife's (a user) suggestion was tested and problem solved.

“I have to say....this is a good product sold too cheaply by a company that offers not just good service, but outstanding service!! would I recommend this product and this company......"Bloody oath!!" I just hope the company is making sufficient margin to maintain the level of service. Well done guys”

Kevin — Gold Coast

“Great allrounder. Great milk pump and warm. Good alround machine. My wife and I actually gave it quite a bit of investigation before committing to a machine. One of the things I liked about the Merol ME-710 was its ability to make a decent Cappuccino. Our previous Smeg machine made a great black coffee but the milk pump wasnt the best. The ME-710 is able to warm the milk.”


“Affordable, easy-to-use, Delicious! I recently had to replace my old espresso machine. The Merol ME-710 sounded like an exceptional value, but I was skeptical because of the low price and all of the advanced features. The people on the phone were so friendly and helpful -- even though I called them three times before finally buying! I was totally blown away when my new coffee machine arrived the NEXT DAY (they're offices are in Sydney). It arrived well-packaged, and the easy-to-follow instructions had me up and running in no time at all.

“The programmable LCD touch-screen makes preparing gourmet cappuccinos and lattes nearly idiot-proof. I love the auto-milk frother, and the pre-infusion function means I use fewer beans, which means I can serve more coffee to more of my mates! It's like having my own sidewalk café! And it's so easy to clean! The attractive commercial-quality machine has become the centerpiece of our new kitchen. The Merol ME-701 means Fresh ground, HOT coffee, made simple. And all at less than half the price of comparable machines!”

Bill L. — Dee Why, NSW

“As the booklet supplied did not provide information how to fix this issue, I have contacted the local distributor, Merol Australia. While their website states that when one purchases a machine from a third party supplier — as we did on EBay — they do not accept warranty and charge an extra for repair, their service was outstanding. After calling and leaving my details a lady called Rebecca called me back within 30 minutes and after I have explained my problem, she has emailed written and detailed instructions how to fix the problem.

“I would like to congratulate Merol Australia for the excellent customer service which lots of companies could learn from, especially that we have not purchased the machine from them!”

Tibor — NSW

“Would just like to say a big thank you for the great service you have provided to me. I ordered and paid for my Merol Automatic coffee machine on Monday and received it on Tuesday morning at 10.30, this was extremely fast service and in excellent condition. So Thank you again for the best service. I have signed up for further emails and promotions, so would love to see what you offer in the future. I am very happy with my automatic coffee machine and of course the price.”

Teena Hornett — Barnsley, NSW

“Thanks Rebecca. Totally happy with performance and taste. Small issue with too much froth and milk temp too low. Turned out to be 'user error.' Congratulations to the bloke who employed Rebecca as a customer service rep. I can not remember the last time (if at all) when I have spoken to such a helpful, pleasant person who actually solved the problem I was ringing about. Great company, with unbelievable customer service team. Well done all.”

Paul Olsen

“Would just like to say that over the last 35 years we have used a number of different espresso machine ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to over five thousand dollars, so when searching the net for a new machine was surprised to find your site offering a machine at such a low price with so many features, we telephone the company and asked a number of questions which were answered straight away so we place an order. We were amazed that within two days the coffee machine arrived as we live in North Queensland and even letter from Sydney take at least four days to get here. On opening the package we were delighted to see the machine complete and was trying coffees within minutes, but we did have a few queries as we felt the coffee wasn't as hot as we liked and as strong. We telephoned the company and a lady named Rebecca called us back within minutes and sorted out the problems an d was so helpful . The following day we still felt the froth wasn't hot enough and rang back and as it was late on Friday the office staff had already left for the weekend back one of the Executives rang us back and spent almost an hour going through every function of the machine until we were completely satisfied it was producing the coffee we liked. On the Monday morning Rebecca rang us back to see if everything was working as we wanted it to, No other company has ever offered such service and we would very happily recommend this Merlol ME-710 and you couldn't beat it for price.”

Ron Everitt — Townsville, QLD

“I run a company and service is our success. I wish everyone would be as efficient as u congratulations to be so smart the way u run your business”

Arthur Schaffner

“I just like to say thank you for the great service and thank you for the great coffee machine. Ordered it on Friday and got it today. I saved a lot of money.Was going to buy the Sacco but saw your machine and I saved $1,500. Once again thank you.”

J Venuto — Melbourne

“It has been almost four months since I purchased the merol coffee machine from you, and I just writing to say that it is in constant use, and how happy I am with it. It makes a perfect cup of coffee every time and how nice it is to have it ready all the time so I can have a coffee at my finger tips.””

Ron Everitt — Townsville, QLD

“ Thanks for your fantastic service. BEST COFFEE MACHINR EVER!!! ””

Rima Tahhan — Ermington NSW